EnergySage and Massachusetts Sierra Club announce solar partnership

Press Release

CAMBRIDGE, MA – January 8, 2013

EnergySage ( is pleased to announce the development of a formal relationship with the Massachusetts Sierra Club ( to accelerate the adoption of clean energy technologies, such as solar photovoltaic (electric), solar thermal (hot water) and geothermal-heat pump (space cooling and heating) systems. The joint effort will focus on proactive outreach, education and free advocacy services for owners and decision-makers at commercial properties, including businesses, religious institutions, government buildings, schools and non-profits. The details of this partnership will be announced in February.

Historically, clean energy technologies were perceived as an option only for diehard environmentalists as it would take decades to recoup these costs, if ever. Today, the rapid decline in technology prices, increased government incentives and the high cost of grid-produced electricity have transformed the financial rationale for these technologies with near-term paybacks and long-term financial returns. In addition, the positive environmental impact of these systems and efficiencies in clean energy production offset more fossil fuel produced electricity than ever before.

Although many property owners and decision-makers have strong interest in clean energy technologies, the process of evaluating these options can be quite daunting. Where do you turn? Who can be trusted to provide you with objective advice? Certainly, anyone selling a particular technology will have some bias toward the type of technology they offer (e.g., solar PV) and the specific brands of panels or other related technologies that they carry. The partnership between EnergySage and the Sierra Club Massachusetts is focused on helping these property owners and decision-makers navigate this complex and confusing process with objective education and advocacy services.

EnergySage has chosen to join with the Sierra Club because it is the oldest and most effective grass roots-oriented environmental group in the world. The organization has a loyal base of members who trust the Club as a partner in promoting environmental initiatives throughout the world. EnergySage believes firmly that this trusted relationship will bring more parties to the table to consider these financially and environmentally attractive clean energy investments and help to accelerate adoption of these technologies with the right resources and tools.

For more information about this program, please contact EnergySage at or call 617-453-8924.

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