SmartPower and EnergySage Launch Strategic Partnership

Leading non-profit marketing firm teams with cutting-edge on-line solar marketplace to revolutionize residential solar

Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – October 21, 2014

SmartPower, the nation’s leading non-profit marketing firm dedicated to promoting clean, renewable energy and EnergySage, a cutting-edge online solar marketplace designed to streamline the research & purchase of residential solar power today announced a strategic partnership between the two organizations.

The announcement brings together the on-the-ground expertise of SmartPower with EnergySage’s award-winning online experience. Together, the partnership expects to revolutionize how American consumers research and comparison-shop for solar energy systems.

“EnergySage is the perfect fit for us. Now, working together, the American consumer will, in effect, have ‘the solar store’ right at their desktop.”

“We’ve been looking for the perfect online partner for years,” said SmartPower’s President Brian F. Keane. “All our campaigns rely heavily upon on-the-ground outreach in order to help people buy solar. But we know people also need a customer-friendly on-line tool to help streamline the process. EnergySage is the perfect fit for us. Now, working together, the American consumer will, in effect, have ‘the solar store’ right at their desktop.”

The EnergySage Solar Marketplace helps homeowners, businesses and non-profits to research and obtain multiple, competitive quotes for solar power systems, for all financing options, at no cost to them. Its unique, innovative and user-friendly comparison-shopping experience injects unprecedented levels of simplicity, choice and transparency into solar shopping process.

“Increased solar adoption is a function of consumer awareness, understanding and ease of purchase,” states EnergySage Founder and CEO Vikram Aggarwal. “Our partnership with SmartPower strikes the perfect balance of these elements, providing tremendous value to consumers as they seek out cleaner and more economical energy solutions.”

The partnership will begin implementing its work immediately in a variety of states and communities, starting with programs in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. SmartPower has been at the forefront of the “Solarize” initiative – a unique outreach campaign that is, in essence, a “group buy” program for residential solar. Solarize programs have been incredibly successful. Indeed, in Connecticut alone, the Solarize Connecticut program has installed over 10 Megawatts of residential solar in just 2 years.

“The EnergySage Platform will be the perfect complement to our Solarize Campaigns because it helps streamline the process and allows us to work with multiple installers in every community,” said SmartPower’s Keane. “The future of residential solar is very strong. But now, with the SmartPower/EnergySage partnership, we are poised to drive solar adoption efficiently!”

About SmartPower

SmartPower is the nation’s leading non-profit marketing organization for energy efficiency and clean energy. SmartPower’s COR approach uses Community outreach, On-line tools, and Rewards and Incentives in a tested formula that promotes engagement and delivers measurable results on behalf foundations, utilities, private companies, state clean energy funds and the federal government.

Named 2014’s “Best Non-Profit Marketing Firm in the US” by the Wealth & Money Management Awards, SmartPower’s award-winning marketing campaigns have been recognized with numerous awards, including a 2010 Clean Air Excellence Award from the Environmental Protection Agency, the coveted Green Power Pilot Award presented by the EPA and the US Department of Energy; four Gold Awards from the Service Industry Advertising Awards (SIAA), and the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection’s Green Circle Award. In 2012 The Energy Daily, the industry’s leading news outlet, awarded SmartPower the “Most Innovative Award” for our campaigns. And for the past 4 years SmartPower has been awarded the "Best In Business" for its Community Marketing efforts.

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About EnergySage, Inc.

EnergySage provides the first comprehensive online marketplace for consumers and businesses interested in converting to solar energy. By enabling people to comparison shop for “apples-to-apples” competitive quotes from pre-screened installers and financiers, the EnergySage Marketplace typically delivers cost-savings of up to 20 percent when compared to going directly to installers. EnergySage also simplifies today’s complex solar industry by providing tools and unbiased information that enable people to fully understand their product and financing options as well as their return-on-investment scenarios. Many leading organizations have forged partnerships with EnergySage to promote the adoption of solar energy, including Connecticut Green Bank, Staples, Walgreens and the World Wildlife Fund. For more information, please visit:

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