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it provides me with peace of mind that I never have to worry about black out during storms I suppose.

Maintenance Requirements:

My system doesn't require much maintenance. I equalize the batteries every 3 months, wash the solar panels twice a year (as well as keep the snow off of them- the sun and wind do a great job as well), and I lower my wind mill 2 or 3 times a year for a physical inspection and cleaning. I do visual monitoring daily because I like watching and listening to it.

My Motivation:

I installed my system out of necessity rather than desire. The local utility company wanted too much money to run the wires to my property when I purchased it. The cost of starting with a small alternative power system and slowly adding on to was much cheaper than putting the power company in and agreeing to pay them for the rest of my life.


My advice is to make sure you do your homework and if you do use a contractor, use a reliable one. I have seen many unscrumpuous ones out there now. No one would sell me my first wind mill without a year's worth of wind speeds when I first bought almost 20 years ago, now they'll sell you site unseen. I saw another have someone set up a system that wasn't grounded correctly and was hit by lightning and the young couple lost everything in a split second.

Additional Notes:

Finally, take your time and visit sites, ask questions. People like myself have made our mistakes and learned from them- learn from us! We are proud of our systems and happy to show them, just ask.

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