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This off-grid, rural farmstead also serves as educational space for the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute.

What You Need to Know


This is an unfinished owner-built home on a 38-acre parcel in the beautiful Cayuta Lake Valley. The house and land are being designed using permaculture principles as a guide for sustainable living. While some of the features that will make the house energy-wise are unfinished, the house is functioning and demonstrates easily the active/passive solar principles that make it an efficient and comfortable home.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

You will find passive solar, earth-sheltered, loose-fill cellulose insulated double-walled home, plus composting toilets, earth-bag cold cellar, and reciprocal-rafter roof made of round logs on an octagon classroom plus other features for teaching permaculture classes and raising food on a home scale.

Open House Info:

Look at for directions A short introduction to permaculture presentation will be offered at 10 am and 2 pm for the Green Homes Tour in October 2012, in addition to tours of the site.

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