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This year the house will be open LATER: 3:00-5:00 PM.

What You Need to Know


Geothermal heat pump Fisher Paykel dish drawer dishwasher, Gibson front load washing machine. When we outgrew our house and sought something larger, we found nothing that we loved, and as we didn't want to leave Montague Center, we turned instead to Douglas Architects in Northampton, who designed a substantial addition which allowed the lines of the original house to blend seamlessly with the new. The hot summer of 2002 made the properties of a geothermal heating and cooling particularly attractive. Our system with vertical wells and five climate zones was designed and installed by our near neighbor, Paul Voiland.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Batt/Blanket Fiberglass

Open House Info:

Hours this year: 3:00 - 5:00 PM only. For those familiar with Montague Center: 6 Main St. is located directly across the river from the Book Mill. From there, cross the bridge towards the village and enter the second driveway on your right. Our house is in back with the red metal roof. Directions to 6 Main St. Montague 367-2174 From Turners Falls: 1. Heading away from the Gill-Turners Falls bridge, at the traffic signal in the center of town, turn left (north). 2. Just past Hillcrest Liquors and Scotties Convenience at the top of the hill on the right, the road forks. Take the right hand branch towards Montague Center. 3. At the 4-way Stop sign, continue straight. 4. From here, it is 4 or 5 miles to your next landmark. Do not worry. You are not lost. You will cross over railroad tracks on a bridge which is littered with warnings about limited visibility. Heed them. 5. In +/- .25 mi. you will pass Rau's Sunoco on the left. From here it is +/- .25 miles to my house. 6. The road will gradually slope downhill and to the left to a bridge over the Sawmill River. 7. There is a driveway IMMEDIATELY after the bridge on the right, for the house on the river. This is not my house. It is 2 Main St. Do not go here. 8. Next door (on the right) is a low camel-hued bungalow, with darker brown trim. This is 4 Main St. We share a driveway with this address. So: Take the driveway immediately after this house, and proceed to the house in back with the RED ROOF. You can't miss it. From Route 63 heading south from Northfield: 1. If you've never taken this road to Amherst, MA, there is one section of this road you should know about. In Erving, about ??? mile past the elementary school (on the right) Rt. 63 bears right and downhill. Avoid the straighter, left branch which will put you on Rt. 2, East. The road goes steadily downhill, crosses a set of RR tracks, and bears sharply left over the Millers River. Now you are in Millers Falls. To stay on Rt. 63, turn right in the middle of town, and then go left almost immediately. If you simply follow the green directional signs to Montague and Amherst, you'll be fine. 2. Continue on Rt. 63 South for about 4 minutes. Start paying attention when you see Sirum Equipment. This establishment sell farms machinery: mostly John Deere (Green) and Kubota (Orange). It is spread out on both sides of the road. About ??? mile past Sirum's is Swamp Road on the right (the turn you want), preceding this also on the right is Wonsey Road (a turn you don't want). 3. Turn right on Swamp road and stay on it until the stop sign at the far end.3/4 of a mile, give or take. 4. Turn left. You are at the railroad bridge mentioned in step 4 in the set of directions above. Use caution at this turn, as cars coming from the left towards the party at 6 Main St. will have no idea you are there until the last minute. 5. Follow the directions from step 5 above. From the South via Rt. 47 1. From the traffic light at the corner of Rt. 116 and Rt. 47, it takes about 10 minutes to get to Montague Center, if you drive at the speed limit. If you've never driven this stretch of road before, there is one tricky part. A bit less than a mile south of Montague Center, say 7-8 minutes north of the lights in Sunderland, Rt. 47 suddenly, and for no apparent reason, bears right and ends at Rt. 63. Avoid this. Stay left and on the main road when Rt. 47 does this. 2. Things to look for as you come in to Montague Center are: The Montague Mini Mart on your left, about four tenths of a mile from my house. This is followed almost immediately by the Post Office on your right. 3. The main road curves to the left (take this) while a smaller straight branch to the right (don't go this way) forms a small green, which will be to your right as you drive through town. Obey speed limits here (25 MPH). 4. The road which has been bearing left will briefly straighten and then curve sharply to the right. A red brick house is on the left on this corner. 5. Next to the red brick house is a green house (not a greenhouse). 6. Next to the green house is a large white farmhouse with a grey barn behind it. 7. Please use caution around stone retaining walls.

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