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Solar domestic hot water Grid Tied Photovoltaics 3 kW Solar Hot Water Generation - 2 Collectors, 50 Evacuated Tubes, 330 Gal Storage Tank - Radiant Floor & DHW (domestic hot water). Wood and Pellet Stoves for main heat, Radiant Floor for unattended heat Battery Backup for Power Outages - (4) 305 ah Gell Cell Batteries, Outback 3.6 kW Inverter, 120v-240v Transformer Backup Generator - 13 kW Rear PTO (tractor) driven Solar Powered (135w PV) 12vdc Irrigation Pump for Outdoor Garden and Dome Garden Habitat Drip Irrigation Outdoor Garden 5000 square foot Organic Drip Irrigated Geodesic Dome Garden Habitat 29 ft diameter, 450 square foot raised bed organic garden space, grows greens year round Deep Well Hand Pump on Well Head provides well water to house if no power available Free Range Laying Hens, Dairy Goats Solar Oven, Solar Parabolic Hi-Temp Cooker, RocketStove for alternate cooking devices Property: 6 acres, house is two 1500sf levels, south facing roof with 100% solar gain. 2x6 construction, good insulation, Anderson windows. Photovoltaics: 3.2kW Sunwize GTS Grid Tie System with 15 Sharp 208w Panels and Outback GVFX-3648 Inverter (450kWh/mo). Solar Hot Water: 2 collectors (50 evacuated tubes), 330 gal storage tank, Toyotomi on-demand HW heater as backup running 20% Biodiesel. Provides 85% DHW. Total B20 fuel use about 80 gal/yr. for backup water heater and tractor. Main Winter Heat: Enviro 'Mini' Pellet stove 30k BTU on lower level (used occasionally) and Hearthstone 'Phoenix' Soapstone Wood Stove 60k BTU on Main upper level, use 4 cord of wood per season as main heat source. Power Outage Battery Backup: Outback Inverter with 4-305aH 12V Batteries in series as 48V, 120/240 transformer. Emergency Backup Generator: 13kW Generator runs off rear PTO of Kubota B3030 Tractor running B20 biodiesel (.8 gal/hr) Emergency Water: Deep Well Hand Pump by SimplePump 5gpm will repressurize pressure tank for running water in house. Biomass: 2 acres of Switchgrass for forage. Solar Drip Irrigation: 135w PV Panel powering a 12v/8a solar pump producing 120 ft head at 10psi for 1000 irrigation heads at .5gph for the 5000 sq ft outdoor garden. Pump also provides Drip Irrigation for Domed Garden Habitat and hand water tank refill. Geodesic Dome Garden Habitat - 29 ft diameter provides over 450 sq ft of raised bed garden space. Check out systems online at: http://southernexposuretrading.com

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Batt/Blanket Fiberglass Alt Fuel Vehicle, Energy Star Appliances, Passive solar, Radiant floor heating

Open House Info:

On Rte 11 between Rochester and Alton, about 3 miles east of the Alton Circle and 12 miles west of Spaulding Tpke turn left if going west and right if going east at the blinking light where Johnson's Restaurant and Market are on the southwest corner. Continue up Berry Rd. (formerly Ridge Rd. for GPS) about 4 miles. Once it turns to dirt, continue another .4 miles we are the second property on the right, you will see the sign at the bottom of the driveway. Parking is off the left side turnout and up at the top. No pets, please. We have free range chickens so watch your step.

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