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Heat Recovery Ventilation Solar building heat in super insulated workshop uses 4 4' X 8' collectors and an 80 gallon storage tank backed up by propane and wood stove. Solar DHW in house feeds propane on-demand water heater. Solar charged electric lawn mower conversion started with a 22" Craftsman gas mower. 5.2 kW Solar power array feeds 2 buildings and a home business. Vehicles: 2012 Chev Volt electric vehicles. More info:

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Spray Foam Closed Cell Energy Star Appliances, Passive solar, Radiant floor heating, Rain Barrels, Super Insulated Walls/ Roof

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Tours by appointment only.

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Guy Marsden - Woolwich - ME
Guy Marsden - Woolwich - ME

Single-Family Residence|Solar PV

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Guy Marsden - Woolwich - ME
Guy Marsden - Woolwich - ME

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