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Off Grid PV We live in a 1.7 kW solar electric, passive solar, timberframe home with battery storage and a propane generator backup. We also have a two-panel, closed loop, solar domestic hot water system with DC pumps powered by a solar charged battery. We operate a year-round bed and breakfast, have an organic vegetable garden, fruit orchard, bees, rare breed sheep and chickens. Maine hospitality 'Environmental Leader'

Other Benefits:

We have unique features that some people are looking for when they stay at a bed & breakfast.

Maintenance Requirements:

Fill batteries with electrolyte twice a year

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Rigid Board Polyurethane (SIPS) Energy Star Appliances, Masonry wood stove, Non-Toxic Products, Passive Solar, Rain Barrels

My Motivation:

Interested in solar energy since the 1970's

Experience with Installer:

Very satisfied with the installer Vermont Solar Engineering.

Open House Info:

Google Maps is incorrect! The EastSide Rd. in Hancock is 10 miles east of Ellsworth Maine, on the right, just before the Hancock/Sullivan bridge. Our mailbox is 1.5 miles down the EastSide Rd on the lefthand side. Our house is .5 miles down our driveway to the shore.

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