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Fixing the price of electricity using green renewable sustainable technologies, and having power during power outages.

What You Need to Know


Off Grid PV This Project FEEDS (Friendly Environmentally Energy Dependent Systems) site is a renewable energy home and livestock ranch that raises Alpacas. It employs an 8 kW grid-tied solar array as well as a 4 kW off grid solar array. The site also features a greenhouse, wind turbine, hydrogen hybrid car, an experimental biomass gasification system and thermo-electric generation. Mr. Nadeau is an expert in renewable energy who has recently been nominated for the Nobel Prize for science and author of "Green Revolution," a Random House bestseller.

Other Benefits:

Solar Thermal Greenhouse and edible landscapes

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Alt Fuel Vehicle, Energy Star Appliances, Super Insulated Walls/ Roof, Hydrogen Hybrid vehicles

My Motivation:

To be sustainable and Eco-friendly


Just do It, do not ponder at renewable energy. and overall household efficiency upgrades and needs are an essential first step.

Open House Info:

All Connecticut residents who visit this site will receive a certificate for an energy audit, Deductible is only $75. Visitors are welcome to make orders of Mr Norms green eco - inventions like glow sticks, synthesis gas emergency camp stoves, LED hats, and Green counseling/ Consulting

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