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What You Need to Know


Wind generator to provide electricity to small garden shed.

Other Benefits:

Nueton electric mower, cordless tools all charged from the shed. Electric chainsaw and wood-splitter powered from shed as well.

Maintenance Requirements:

Monthly battery fluid levels inspected and filled as needed. Yearly 'take-down' of turbine to inspect for wear.

My Motivation:

Stubbornness of burying electrical cable from house to shed to utilize 'grid provided' electricity, balanced with desire to start 'tinkering' with renewable energy strategies.


Do a thorough site evaluation for any potential wind turbine location before investing in any equipment. As with real estate, wind siting is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. If you place a turbine were there is not enough wind, too low, too close to buildings, etc., then all you will have is expensive Yard-Art. Be sure you have a good site (at least 12 mph wind speed avg. at height of turbine hub) free of trees and NOT on your house! Then buy from (or have it professionally installed by) a well established firm.

Open House Info:

From Exeter, go south on Route 108 about 1 mile beyond Routes 150/108 junction. From E. Kingston, go north on Route 108 about 2.2 miles from Carmen's Chicken (now called Red Iguana). Yellow colonial house with front porch up on the hill. GBOH Tour for 2013 will be on Oct. 5th, 10am until 4pm.

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