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EcoHeat Solutions now offers wood pellet boilers from Effecta Energy Systems' Komplett and Evoworld, in addition to our very own EcoBoiler™. These wood pellet boilers are all used for zoned space heating and domestic hot water.

Other Benefits:

Wood pellets cost less than fossil fuels, and are generally consumed in the same region in which they're produced. As they are nearly carbon-neutral, wood pellets are better for the environment in mitigating climate change. Wood pellet boilers tie in with the heating system you have already, and therefore provide you with all the zoned comfort you're used to.

Maintenance Requirements:

The Evoworld and Effecta Komplett pellet boilers require no regular maintenance other than removing ash. The EcoBoiler™ does require regular cleaning of the burn chamber and heat exchanger. The total maintenance time is about an hour a month during the heating season.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

EcoBoilers, Evotherm boilers and Effecta boilers easily surpass the savings found in switching to high-efficiency propane or oil boilers. That's because though efficiency improvements may provide as much as a 16% reduction the first year, switching fuels can reduce costs 50-60%. Both propane and oil are also in long-term high cost inflation... almost 10% per year for propane, and nearly 12% per year on average for heating oil over the past 13 years. So savings from efficiency gains are quickly eaten away by price inflation.

My Motivation:

Our motivation is to provide a compelling alternative to people heating with fossil fuels, and to be a constructive part of a changing world.

Additional Notes:

Call 877-317-0700 for more information, or to schedule a visit.

Open House Info:

Washington St is parallel to Rte 1 in East Walpole. Leave Rte 1 and head north on Union Street at Dunkin' Donuts. Go straight through at stop sign. At Washington St, take a right, heading down the hill. Take your first left after crossing the Neponset River, and immediately bear left. 153 Washington is a big brick building. Call 877-317-0700 to get in the building.


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