super insulated house with solar hot water and energy efficient heating systems.

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Quick Facts
Energy Needs Met

75% to 99%

of hot water

Energy Needs Met

50% to 74%

of space heating

What You Need to Know


Bio Fuel, Solar Hot Water House is constructed of Insulated Concrete Form basement and a Structural Insulated Panel shell. Green materials were used where reasonable. House is heated by high efficiency condensing boiler using propane, and a soapstone Rais woodstove. Hot water is solar with propane back-up.

Maintenance Requirements:

Practically none.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Energy Star Appliances, Sunspace, Super Insulated Walls/ Roof

My Motivation:

Limiting long term energy costs. Protecting ourselves against spikes in energy costs, greater comfort, and protecting the environment.


Start with a tight, well insulated structure. Go for super insulation if you can. Also energy efficient systems fixtures, appliances. The less energy you need the less you will have to produce and the lower your costs in the long term (and short---insulation is cheaper than solar cells or geothermal wells per btu). Go with an HRV. It's the best way to insure energy efficient ventilation in a tight house. Otherwise don't let yourself get dazzled by technology. Use it, but do you homework, and make sure the system has enough of a track record to meet it's claims under your specific circumstances.

Experience with Installer:

We've had only good experience with installers at our current house. I put this down to doing home work. (A lesson we learned the hard way over the years.) The good ones will have the track record and be happy to share it. It lengthens and complicates the process a bit, but it is worth it.

Open House Info:

Take Rte 1 to Steuben. Turn unto the Pigeon Hill Road next to Kennedy Marine. Take Pigeon Hill Road approximately 3.2 miles to Shady Lane, an unpaved road on your right. Take Shady Lane approximately 1/4 mile to Sunset Bay Drive, which will be on the right. Take Sunset Bay Drive approximately 1/4 mile to number 62, which is the second driveway on the left. The house is clearly visible from the road.

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