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Have heated and cooled with Open Loop Geothermal for over 35 years

What You Need to Know


Geothermal heat pump Dedicated heat pump water heater in basement Solar PV, Wind, and Micro Hydro

Other Benefits:

Very close to Net Zero

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Batt/Blanket Fiberglass Energy Star Appliances, Micro-hydro, Passive Solar

My Motivation:

Do my part of stop Climate Change.

Open House Info:

We are 2.3 miles south of Rt5 on the right side of Quarry Rd, name is on the mail box, yellow house with brown roof sits back 400 ft from the road. Quarry Rd goes south from Rt 5 2.3 miles east of Chittenango. Net Meter, going for Net Zero.

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