Our natural gas-fired Micro-Combined Heat & Power (MCHP) co-generation system produces electricity while heating the Lab plus other campus buildings, a boon considering CT's high electric rates!


What You Need to Know


Our Micro-CHP system complements the Solar PV perfectly. MCHP runs all day, half a year (providing heat in the cold months), while Solar PV runs half a day...all year. If we had more demand for hot water year round, the MCHP system could run all year long.

Other Benefits:

The efficiencies are multifold: the single-cylinder Honda generator operates and delivers much more efficiently than a typical gas-fired power plant, and there are no line losses. When a heating boost is needed, the high-efficiency ECR boiler kicks in.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

High-efficiency building envelope with closed-cell foam insulation, energy efficient windows, green roof, reused and recycled building and fit-out materials, solar daylighting system, high efficiency lighting, on-demand tankless hot water, water efficiency.

My Motivation:

1) to control energy spending 2) to inspire homeowners and building professionals 3) to be the first in our state to vet a new technology we believe in

Additional Notes:

NHS of New Haven's Home Improvement and Energy Conservation Lab has received LEED Platinum designation as well as numerous other Green Building awards, including a Ct Green Business Award for Co-Generation from Business New Haven.

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