Buffalo's First Solar Tracking Arrays. They have sensors to adjust to the greatest amount of solar exposure through horizontal and vertical movement.

What You Need to Know


The system is a set of 2 arrays facing south. The unique quality is the system's ability to adjust to the greatest amount of solar exposure.

Other Benefits:

We can capture 35% more energy with the tracking technology versus a stationary panel array.

Maintenance Requirements:

Keep the units free of debris and monitor production to ensure we are gaining the proper amount of energy from all panels.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

CIR had previously installed new balasts and lighting to reduce their overall electrical consumption.

My Motivation:

Our goal is to utilize todays technology to reduce energy consumption. The reduced energy costs in conjunction with the ability to make a positive impact on the environment made this installation an easy decision.


Take advantage of the incentives while they are available. A typical system's initial cost is reduced by more than 50% in most cases through state and federal incentives. For most systems the return on investment is within 10 years.

Experience with Installer:

CIR's Installers are all members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, therefore they come with a tremendous amount of training and expertise. Partnered with CIR's demand for high standards the installation is smooth process from beginning to end.

Additional Notes:

When looking at the solar arrays from the east it backdropped with the large windmills along the Lake Erie coast, thus creating an image of how our vision of energy creation has changed.

Open House Info:

We are located south of Buffalo, accessible from Ridge Rd. and Route 5. We have parking on the east side of our office building and the solar arrays are in plain view when you pull in. We are always available by appointment to discuss solar and to view the PV arrays.

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