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Solar systems are perfectly integrated to provide a whole-house design with surplus energy balance on a moderate budget.

What You Need to Know


Single family residence, living on solar energy. Urban setting, short walk from downtown Maynard, Massachusetts. Whole-house energy surplus (net positive) with a moderate budget. HERS energy rating score of -8, certified Energy Star Home (2010 Tier III). - Solar PV grid-connected electricity generation system (6.15 kW) with net-metering and SREC participant. - Solar thermal hot water system - Passive solar space heating: High solar-heat-gain Low-E windows, large thermal mass with concrete finished floors. - Thermal insulation materials: recycled paper cellulose (dense-pack for walls and loose-fill for ceiling with vented cold attic), polystyrene rigid board (for floor and foundation). - Air-source ductless mini-split heat pump (backup heating, seasonal dehumidification and cooling) - Indoor air quality maintained by HRV system (continuous Heat Recovery Ventilator, whole house ventilation)

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Daylighting, Energy Star Appliances, Energy Star rated, Passive Solar, Super Insulated Walls/ Roof, Water Sense appliances and fixtures, Rain Water Collection system for gardening

Open House Info:

Visitors welcome for the Green Buildings Open House (GBOH) tour on Saturday, October 5th, 2013 (10 a.m. to 4 p.m., open to public) Address: 16 Euclid Ave, Maynard, Massachusetts. House tours at other times also possible by arrangement.

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Solar Energy House - Maynard - MA: Solar PV
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Solar Energy House - Maynard - MA: Solar PV

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Solar Energy House - Maynard - MA
annual savings
Solar Energy House - Maynard - MA

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