Our geothermal systems gives us fast, even heat and air conditioning at great money savings.

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50% to 74%

of hot water

Energy Needs Met


or more of space heating

Energy Needs Met


or more of air conditioning

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The geo thermal heating system heats our house from the water in the ground below, as well as gives us a central air conditioning system. Our house was a retro fit and Darren did a superb job designing and implimenting the system. It comes on quickly and quietly.

Other Benefits:

We are able to set our thermostat lower than we did with oil heat, the geothermal is much more efficient. All we have to do is wash off a filter, no maintanence, no upkeep required other than that.

Maintenance Requirements:

We just hose off the filter in the spring and fall. No cost, no maintenance.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

We added some Ultra touch insulation, which is blue jeans and some Isonene where they couldnt reach with the ultra touch

My Motivation:

We were in need of a new heating system and our house was such that we really couldn't use the upstairs in the winter or summer because of such severe heat and cold. With this system we have ac and can now use the upstairs. We wanted to cut costs as my husband was getting ready to retire. It also sounded better than continuing to play the "oil" game...not knowing how much we were going to have to pay each winter. We love heating our home from the water 320 feet below earth!


It would have been nice to talk to someone that had experience with a retro fit (existing house) but Ultra Geothermal was really great. They came to the house several times and were very patient with our questions and open to suggestions on our part. We had five different installers come to the house but Ultra had the most experience and they were the best to work with from the get go.

Experience with Installer:

Installation was great! They were right on time, effiicient, clean, polite. We liked doing something outside the box and just seem to make sense....using water instead of oil...

Open House Info:

We would love to have you come anytime. Particularly during the tour oct 13 from 10-3. Parking out front or in the driveway is fine. If you come on a day other than the open house, please email me to see if we are home, www.underhiswings1948@yahoo.com.

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