Newer, well-insulated home. On-demand hot water with radiant floor heating for a super-comfortable home environment. Many other low- or no cost efficiencies such as solar orientation, windows, etc.

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On-demand propane hot water for radiant heat with wood for back-up and quick heat. Daylighting. Passive solar orientation. Super insulated. Super-efficient windows. Energy efficient light fixtures. Energy Star appliances. Local materials.

Other Benefits:

Radiant heat is very comfortable at lower temperatures. Daylighting is very good for moods - I'm happier in this house! It's cozy and has no drafts, and the natural light is wonderful for the winter blahs.

Maintenance Requirements:

Some problems with the demand water heater, being resolved by the manufacturer. Clean and change filters on the air exchanger regularly (twice a year?)

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Well driller said hard water required a simple filter that's changed every month or two, inexpensive and does the job well without softeners.

My Motivation:

How could I not? I lived in a house I could not grow old in, with features like the "stairs of death." By building new I could incorporate these passive energy efficiencies that allow me to age comfortably in my home.


The best thing for an amateur to do is get a good builder! Our motto was "whatever's going to last at least 100 years."

Experience with Installer:

One contractor put many used parts in the boiler and that was not appropriate for something mechanical -- it's temporary, so don't do it! It's a waste of money and time. Other than that I loved Erik, my general contractor!

Additional Notes:

I had to have another structure on the land burn down to reveal the best sight on the land! I live on a lovely south facing hill in a much more comfortable way!

Open House Info:

Directions: Take Rt. 72 to Parishville, turn onto George St. and my road is the first R - house is one half mile up on a curve on the left. Available for Open House, hours of 10-3, on October 13th. Regional tour organizers: Local Living Venture. Go to for a complete listing of all homes in St. Lawrence and Jefferson Counties.

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