Not just any deep energy retrofit, but one that comes with a book-length story and many ongoing fun discoveries!

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Energy Needs Met


or more of space heating

Energy Needs Met


or more of air conditioning

What You Need to Know


1.5 ton high-efficiency air-source heat pump w/ ducted central air handler, HRV, and lots of system integration

Other Benefits:

No more combustion appliances inside, and *vastly* improved IAQ in all seasons

Maintenance Requirements:

So far, not much

My Motivation:

Getting rid of a 60-year-old oil burner, and being able to tie right into existing ductwork


Modern heat pumps are clearly the way to go, even in cold(ish) climates

Experience with Installer:

Do your research and watch your installers carefully. Read the story for why

Additional Notes:

This will appeal to HVAC enthusiasts

Open House Info:

[email for details]

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