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Powered with 2 Southwest windpower microturbines(400 watts each) and six 120 watt solar panels. Generator backup Totally off grid!

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We used all Trace components because at that time in 2013, they were a proven company with a strong reputation. Southwest Windpower as they had microturbines that were affordable. Recently purchased an on-demand wall , hanging unit for hot water, by Ecotemp, 2 woodstoves

Other Benefits:

heat and hot water supplied by this system. Wood heat form our own woodlot

Maintenance Requirements:

visual check of windturbines, solar panels, distilled water for batteries on occasion.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

10 foot by 40 foot steel roof added on south side for patio area and to reduce summer heat gain. On demand hot water tank for summer back up.

My Motivation:

We had this beautiful piece of land that we were fortunate enough to find and needed to be careful to not destroy it. Mindful of the impact of our being here. needing to build a very inexpensive home as we had little money to work with and no one to consult about what we were trying to do. So a big experiment.


RESEARCH!!! Check out different products and sites. Start small, you can always add on. Try to visit other homes that have what you are trying to do. ASK QUESTIonS!!! Take your time.

Experience with Installer:

We were lucky to have talented friends and my very hard working husband who figured all this out. There was no way to afford professional help, that's half the cost!

Additional Notes:

We bought the 30 acres pf hayfields and woods from the subdivision of a 100 acre dairy farm, so a blank slate. Huge south facing area for solar and wind. Sustainable harvesting of logs and on site milling of wood. The sale of the timber netted us enough to build the house. Just kept meeting people who were trying to live the same lifestyle and learning form them as we go. Each day is a learning experience.

Open House Info:

The entrance to our farm is marked with solar lights and American flags. Follow a long winding gravel road to the house and attached barn. For those of you who like maple syrup, our sugar house is all solar also and right in front of the house. Handicap accessible, we're on grade and one level. This is a working farm for maple syrup and there are large animals in the pasture, we're all natural(organic), raised planting beds, small orchard, flower gardens. Our own hay field to feed our stock. Our dogs will be confined, please only supervised children and no pets. If you're allergic to cats or other animals you won't like to visit us. It's quiet and peaceful back here and we get to see wildlife that call this home, we share it with them, not displace them. We welcome visitors all year long. Just call ahead to make sure we're not busy(ha, ha) NOTE; this is considered a VERY small system, but that's really all you need...

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