New, super-insulated home expected to operate at or near net zero with solar PV, solar hot water, solar pool heating, and high efficiency HVAC

What You Need to Know


The house is heated and cooled by electric air-source heat pumps, with energy recovery ventilation. Power is generated by rooftop solar photovoltaic panels. Hot water is generated by rooftop solar thermal panels. Supplementary hot water is generated by electric hybrid water heaters. The outdoor pool is heated entirely by a solar hot water system.

Other Benefits:

The house is expected to operate at a net zero level.

Maintenance Requirements:

Minimal for all systems. Periodic check-ups and filter cleanings for heating and cooling.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

The home features an air-tight, super-insulated thermal envelope. 9-1/2" double-stud walls are insulated with spray foam (SPF) to R-38. Thermally-broken 16" rafters are insulated with SPF to R-64. Poured concrete foundation walls insulated to R-27 with R-20 foam board insulation under the slab. Triple-glazed windows and doors. Solatube natural lighting. Appliances are Energy Star certified. All lighting is LED and fluorescent.

My Motivation:

Sustainability was one of the owners' top goals, as was greatly reduced energy operating costs.

Open House Info:

House is open from 10am-2pm.

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