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We installed a domestic heat exchanger inside a large (4000 gal) solar hot water storage system, which is used to heat the house (see solar space heating solutions). As well as providing a good proportion of the heat for the house, this seasonal storage tank also provides at least 80% of our domestic hot water. A small electric on-demand system provides any additional heating needed in the mid-winter.

Maintenance Requirements:

Typical maintenance of a solar hot water loop -- pumps, temperatures, glycol freeze point.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Any electric make up that is needed is offset by a solar PV system on the roof.

My Motivation:

My goal was for zero fossil fuels and no combustion.

Experience with Installer:

I am a designer and installer for renewable energy products.

Open House Info:

Please come and visit between 10am and 4pm. We have a tour set up with pictures from 1858 to today -- detailed information on the renovation, the seasonal storage, solar thermal and solar PV systems. Datalogging also on display. 78 Main St, Enfield, NH 03748

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