Using two different types of heat pumps, we're completely off of oil for heating our space and our domestic hot water, and we did it for about $10k

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We have a Nyle systems Gyser (made in Brewer, Maine) heat pump that heats our water which is stored in a Vaughn Hotstow stone-lined 80 gallon tank (purchased via Craigslist). This is powered by an 8 panel, 1.9 kW PV array mounted on the south facing pitch of our garage roof. We also have a Fujitsu air to air heat exchanger that heats our living space, in conjunction with a wood stove (we went through about 2 cords of wood last Winter).

Other Benefits:

We are totally off of oil, and are generating versatile solar electricity. The system is also expandable - as we have available money, we can add panels and microinverters to generate more of what we use. The system operates as an air conditioner in the Summer - definitely nice to have on some of the hottest days last Summer.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Sealed up a few of the most significant air leaks in the house.

My Motivation:

The desire increase our energy resilience/energy independence and decrease our carbon footprint.


We like our system and don't have any complaints - for a relatively small outlay of money, it is possible to get completely off of oil. As a replacement for our oil fired system, this system is projected to pay for itself within 7 years at current energy prices. If oil goes up in cost, it will take even less time.

Experience with Installer:

Generally quite positive - there were a few minor hitches in the beginning, but the installer was diligent about getting them resolved.

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