Combine ICF walls with Ground Source heat pump and last is PV solar.

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Totally Electric house no propane or natural gas used for heating or cooling. ICF Insulated Concrete walls are more costly but have good insulating value and wind/air does not go through 6 inches of concrete. Great air tight house. Ground Source Heat Pumps bring 53 degree from four 150 ft. deep wells into heat exchanger in house. Heating is about 4 output units of heat for each single unit input. Air Conditioner has a SEER rating of 27 in first stage. 48 Enphase M215 micro inverters and 48 Trina 235 watt solar panels. The Enphase M215 will max out at 225 watts each. 225 x 48 = 10,800 watts. Ground mounts are more expensive but make for easier snow removal and maintenance.

Other Benefits:

Total Power bill was $36.00 in 2013

Maintenance Requirements:

Clean snow off with extendable fiber glass pole with non-scratching snow scraper on end. Ground Source Heat Pump has 10 yr. warranty.

My Motivation:

I am cheap. I look at life cycle cost and not upfront cost.


Do your own research so you know when someone is not giving you the full picture.

Experience with Installer:

I had the best builders and installers.

Open House Info:

If you are going to be in Urbana, IL. call a day ahead. If I am available I will be glad to show you this house. 217-377-8282


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