In the first year alone we've saved more than $36,000—well beyond the $30,000 we estimated. We’re already redirecting these funds to expand important ministries.

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Online as of September 2013, the dual rooftop solar arrays were designed and installed by Chandler-based Sun Valley Solar Solutions. Included are a 100 kW system for Sacred Heart’s 2000-seat sanctuary, and a 60 kW system for the nearby K-8 school. More than 620 premium solar modules are split between both buildings. The combined systems produce over 270,000 kWh of electricity annually.

Other Benefits:

Today, after just 14 months in operation, church leaders report that their clean solar power plant not only stands as a clear affirmation of their commitment to environmental stewardship, but is already freeing operating funds for critical ministries and community programs.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Low-consumption LED lighting, a solar sync module for irrigation, and new thermal pane windows.

My Motivation:

While our motivation for solar was both pragmatic and ethical, I’m particularly pleased with how quickly our systems are impacting our operating costs,” remarked Gene Murphy.


Being in Arizona solar is the most obvious way for us to lead through environmental and fiscal stewardship. We’re extremely pleased that our investment is already delivering toward this critical mission.”

Experience with Installer:

This as a long-term investment so we wanted top grade components and a partner who would handle everything from design and installation to service,” explained Murphy. “We spent six months researching providers, but the team from Sun Valley Solar stood out from the very start. They had top-notch products, were technically savvy, and their customers seemed extremely happy.”

Additional Notes:

Murphy continued, “Most importantly for us, though, is that Sun Valley Solar shares our commitment to the environmental and community. They’ve even contributed to several Habitat for Humanity projects right here in Prescott.”

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