Solar carports are a great way to install solar as the provide shade and are installed over pavement which reduces heat islands and providing power where needed for electric vehicle charging.

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In 2009 we decided to install a grid inter-tie system for our Mountain Research Center. After releasing an RFP we chose Eco Depot USA / Solarado Energy following an extensive review process. Their attention to detail and professionalism was the one of the reasons we chose them in 2010 to build a custom solar carport for the CU dorms. This was a 100 Kw custom system design and installed all within less than two months. We also contracted with them again in 2011 to do another solar carport and ballast mount for the Center for Community building on the main campus. This system helped the building achieve LEED platinum status and is a shining example of CU’s sustainability initiative. We enjoyed working with them and are very pleased with all the work they have done.

Other Benefits:

The carports provide shade for cars parked under them and the solar carport is pre-wired for electrical vehicle charging.

Maintenance Requirements:

Wash panels once a year due to be located next to HWY 36.

My Motivation:

Energy savings.

Experience with Installer:

Great job done by all involved. Met incredible 2 month construction window.


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