I'm a firm believer in renewable sources of energy and for me solar was the best fit. I'm still waiting for Duke Energy to connect my system to the grid. It's been over a month since the install was completed and the progress for connection is very very slow.

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My system is not a roof top type system. I felt a roof top system would not meet my needs so I opted for a solar system installed on top of a Pergola in my backyard. It consists of 55 Sunpreme PV panels and 3 Sunny Boy 5000TL-US inverters.

Other Benefits:

I'm very happy with the way the system turned out and can use the pergola for other functions.

Maintenance Requirements:

We haven't performed any maintenance on the system as of yet.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:


My Motivation:

1. Clean and renewable energy. 2. Government rebates, both state and federal. 3. Environmental concerns.


I wish I knew how slow the "paperwork process" was going to be. Especially the slow and sometimes confusing requirements from Duke Energy.

Experience with Installer:

There were issues with the installers but everything worked out. We passed all the necessary town and county inspections.

Additional Notes:

We had to re-route some of our septic fields to accommodate the solar pergola.

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