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75% to 99%

of hot water

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I built it from plans on doitsolar.com A little mechanical background helps a lot. I designed and built our home

Other Benefits:

2 -3 x 7 panels heats an 80 gal regular hot water heater. the pump is pv driven with antifreeze solution. and A 16 panel 230 watt pv system half grid tied and half battery

Maintenance Requirements:

check fluid levels a digital thermometer and digital voltmeter show system operation. check battery water

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Home has all energy star appliances and some unique appliances. the home is pv powered with 2 inverters. Th light inverter is cycled off at night . Vehiles are solar charged or powered also a Chevy Volt is our main vehicle and is charged by excess solar power.

My Motivation:

research started in 1972 while in college


100 % solar and a life living organically with natural is easier then ever. American marketing promotes a lazy lifestyle , where a little effort solves our environmental problems

Experience with Installer:

Im a do it yourselfer

Additional Notes:

100% solar goal house - -- - -shop - -- - -landscape - - - - - vehicles - - - Chevy Volt and electric converted truck and atv and currently building a solar ultralight aircraft.

Open House Info:

Open during solar tour and anytime by appoitment

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