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Our electricity bills immediately dropped, and we've gone from $700 bills in August to under $200. On average, our bills for 2009 were $340 per month, while this year, 2014, they've been about $105. We've even had negative bills. We're figuring about a 7% return on our initial investment, and it's tax-free.

What You Need to Know


Ground Mount System

Other Benefits:

Hail resistant roofing Drought tolerant landscape Buffalo grass and Texas natives

My Motivation:

We've become more concerned over the last few years about conserving energy, recycling, etc. We always thought solar panels would be a good idea, but didn't think we could afford them. After talking to Ambassador Energy and figuring up the return on our investment, we went ahead with the installation.

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Tour Hours 10am - 4pm Saturday, October 03, 2015


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