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29 panels @ 285 watts with micro inverters. Enphase micros plus Enphase monitoring system with both usage and generation monitors. Panels are 19% efficient. Today I would recommend 360 watt panels with microinverters for a multi roof surface system with some shading. The I believe Power World panels are at 22% efficient to help you to get the most out of your roof.

Maintenance Requirements:

No maintenance required

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Added higher efficiency Ac compressor.

My Motivation:

The added value to my home is now more than the gross investment, and in another 2 years I will be saving $470 per month tax free.


Use someone like Energy Sage to help you research and understand solar. Almost never should you lease. Use the highest efficiency panels with micros. Your bid should be based on installed cost per watt. The integrity and competence of the installer is crucial.

Experience with Installer:

Most of the sales people I dealt with knew little about solar and had to get back to me on questions. If you are not willing to research and understand solar then hire an installer that someone you trust recommends

Additional Notes:

Net metering will probably go away in the future, so a larger and most efficient system plus storage may be needed for the future. Don't buy storage now, it is still too expensive.

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