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I can run the AC in this oppressive heat without concern for the electricity costs.

What You Need to Know


15 panels west facing 2 panels south facing 5 panels east facing Layout was to "hide" the panels from the front view of the house. (Wife's requirement!)

Other Benefits:

No concerns about how much we run the AC. This has helped with allergies since the AC system has a HEPA filter.

Maintenance Requirements:

Panels are washed twice a year when we have our windows cleaned. Cost per panel is $5.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:


My Motivation:

My son-in-law decided to add solar to their house during its re-build


Do the math. This is a "risk-free" investment that returns about 10% a year depending on your energy use.

Experience with Installer:

We give top notch ratings to NexGen Construction. For the installation, but also for the support and education they provided during the decision process.

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380 valley st 94131

Single-Family Residence|Solar PV

annual savings
East + West roof Thin Film  "stick on" PV
East + West roof Thin Film "stick on" PV

Single-Family Residence|Solar PV

annual savings
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