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Thurston Cecil

It's energy production is outstanding. Recommend Solar for all home-owners.

What You Need to Know


7.320 kW PV System. Unique in that the house being a barn style, the lower section is extremely steep, which is optimal for Winter Production. The upper part of the roof is much less pitched which makes it ideal for Summer production. So really is an optimum system.

Other Benefits:

Relatively high visibility, helping to promote Solar

Maintenance Requirements:

Pretty much Zero. If something fails they come out and fix it, but other than that there is no maintenance required

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

New Roof, Windows and Doors. Energy efficient appliances.

My Motivation:

To benefit the environment primarily. Also the electrical saving and financial benefits


Shop around. Generally go with the company you trust as oppossed to price. Recommend you deal directly with owner not just the Sales person or foreman.

Experience with Installer:

Excellent. They were always polite and accomodating. Conducted themselves as professionals the entire time. Very impressed.

Additional Notes:

As mentioned earlier, because of the barn shape of the roof, was not clear whether we could build a system or not. What was most interesting during the construction was watching David and his crew manage the steeper part of the install

Open House Info:

Not at ths time

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