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All black panels for the cleanest look I could find, no more electric bills and many more benefits!

What You Need to Know


(24) Solar Panels- Solaria 350w All Black (1) SolarEdge inverter – HD WAVE 7600 WATTS - SE7600H -US (24) SolarEdge 370 Watt - P370 SnapNrack black matching color rails and racking system

Other Benefits:


Maintenance Requirements:

25 year warranty, no maintenance discussed

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Mass Save energy audit replaced all light bulbs with LED, re-insulated attic, air sealing.

My Motivation:

Increasing energy costs and environmental concerns


Energy Sage was a wealth on knowledge

Experience with Installer:

Price was a factor but so was the look of the system on the house. I had to balance the price with the panels I wanted. I'm happy on what was offered.

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Waterford CT
Waterford CT

Residential|Solar PV

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Residential Solar Installation
Residential Solar Installation

Residential|Solar PV

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