I do run 1 hp water pump and refrigerator using 1kw solar in Bangalore Mr. Nibash, defence employee, lives in town Naryanpura District Banglaore, Karnataka. He wanted to run his 1hp motor, refrigerator, TV, led bulb and fans. Besides his expectation is to disconnect electricity connection and use full energy from solar during day or night. Therefore, he can save his monthly electricity bill with 24x7 electricity facility which is currently not available. Then Nibash Jee through google search found our loom solar help line no 8750 77 88 00 and connected us. Our solar expert, Mr. Amol Anand who also publish solar gyan on Youtube and Facebook, explained the benefits of solar power and also suggested him the correct product available in the market after comparison (pricing/technical details) with multiple brand. He suggested below product at affordable price to him: After Product Installations, We spoke to Nibash ji, and he expressed super excitement after running his motor and refrigerator. It is unbeliverable for him as he never experienced such kind of alternate energy in the past. Now he is happily sharing his experience with his neighbors and relatives to explorer more about solar energy. If you are also passionate about solar energy and wants to install in your home, office or society you can reach to us at help line no 8750778800 or write to us at hello@loomsolar.com.

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