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There is no second-guessing here. A $0 electric bill is such a comfort these days. During my first 3 months, from September through November my bill with my new electricity provider has totalled to a -$63. A NEGATIVE $63. And this number will just keep on growing as we head into Summer. At which time I'll get a real picture of what kind of deal I have. Living in Texas I will have the AC going all day, no doubt but at the same time the sun will be shining all day as well so I feel very positive that my electric bill will be very very minimal if I get one at all. Right now I'm grinning from ear to ear.

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My curiosity got the better of me. But I have no regrets. I now contribute to a cleaner world and save money to boot. How awesome can that be?


If you can get the financing you really shouldn't wait. It is a no-brainer!!

Experience with Installer:

Greenbelt Solar was awesome. 14 panels installed and wiring completed in around 4 hours. I was generating power even before they left.

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