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Mosaic Commons is a unique co-housing community located in the small rural town of Berlin, MA, 45 miles west of Boston. After seeing several residents successfully use RevoluSun to install solar panels on their townhomes, management decided to follow suit with its own switch to solar power. Mosaic Commons is a collaborative community that “attempts to overcome the alienation of modern subdivisions where no one knows their neighbors and there is no sense of community.” Diverse, vibrant and inclusive, their values are rooted in sharing, generosity, respect, eco-friendliness, health, diversity, among other admirable traits. Residents even share resources like cars, lawnmowers and tools, along with organic gardens and homegrown produce. Everyone comes together at the Common House – for shared meals, games and entertainment, meetings, parties, and other activities.

Other Benefits:

LEED-certification. Equivalent greenhouse gas emissions avoided from 103,000 miles driven by the average car. Carbon sequestered by 688 tree seedlings grown for 10 years or 54 acres of US forests for one year.

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