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I have 20 Panasonic 360 Watts solar panels, which enable me to save more than $130 per month on electricity bills.

My Motivation:

Saving on electricity bills has been the main reason I decided to go solar. Aside from that, we will make use of renewable resources and hence, will decrease our environmental impact, which I believe should be prioritized by each of us. Finally, I'll increase the value of my house and will make it more appealing to future buyers if I decide to move.


I'm sure, one day we all will be required to go solar. So, why not do it now with the state incentives?

Experience with Installer:

What I liked most about the installation process was that every single step was agreed upon with us and there were no surprises like some of my friends experienced. They did a great job and my system works ceaselessly. So happy I chose LA Solar Group after deep research.

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