The system is up and producing, my bill is zero, and has extra has power for upcoming EV! It is good looking and installed by PerryBuilt in 2 days (they started in 2 weeks after signing). The cost is 2.5$ per watt.

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Number of panels = 15 Watts per panel = 370 Number of inverters = 15 System size = 5.55 kW Year 1 Production Estimate = 8,350 kWh

My Motivation:

Now I do not need to buy electricity from PGE and produce all my needs onsite !

Experience with Installer:

Perrybuilt Construction is great, just make sure they come out on site to do the measurements. Relying on satellite photos turned out to unreliable in my case. This cased change of plans when they arrived on site. I wish they came out before so I was sure of panel placement. Otherwise the installation was great and done in 2 days with no problems.

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