PWRcell solar-plus-storage protects pool, Food provides lights and HVAC

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75% to 99%

of electricity

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A Generac PWRCell consisting of 8.7 kW solar with 12 kW of battery storage. The emergency load that is protected during an Utility power outrage. The load panel contains the pool, two refrigerators, Kitchen area, one bed room and one bath room lights.

Other Benefits:

Reduces daily electricity usage, Exports to the Utility over 1kw per day.

Maintenance Requirements:

Solar panel cleaning twice yearly

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Variable pool pump and SureSwitch on HVAC unit

My Motivation:

Planning for retirement and reducing electricity cost. Protecting the pool equipment from any damages during an Power outage


Determine your budget, know your electricity usage, request multiple quotes

Experience with Installer:

Solarugreen didn't pressure us into making a decision. The process is lengthy with equipment shipping delays.

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