We have 17kW of solar on the home, it has allowed us to convert more and more of our home to electric. We aren't the largest home but we use a lot of power and wanted to offset as much as we could with solar.

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75% to 99%

of electricity

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17,000 watts covering the home, pergola and garage.

Other Benefits:

Allows us to power the heat pump for our pool.

Maintenance Requirements:

Very little maintenance. We have an older battery system that requires us to fill the batteries from time to time.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Heat pump for the pool versus gas heater, insulation, LED lighting, occupancy sensors, induction stove and aux. electric heaters.

My Motivation:

I am an early adopter, wanted to see how it worked so we kept adding and adding until we got to 17kw.


Don't go too big, the utility has changed the programs and the benefit of trying to hit 100% of your bill is very difficult. Be happy hitting 60-80% of your bill, erase the higher cost electric and pay for the cheaper stuff.

Experience with Installer:

Crews were great.

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