aPower and aGate give California homeowners capacity, control and confidence.

What You Need to Know


The Franklin Home Power solution fuses its lithium iron phosphate aPower battery with the aGate smart control system to provide uniquely advanced storage. The aPower offers the highest AC battery capacity on the market. Compatible with any PV inverter technology, aPower can connect easily with existing solar systems while scaling up to 15 units for a total of 204 kWh to offer maximum home comfort. Because solar systems shut down during power outages, FranklinWH's Black Start feature creates a micro-grid for the home, keeping the PV system powered up when the grid goes down. The aGate control system is first in the industry to use AI technology, allowing it to manage the most complex load scenarios effectively. This gives it the unique ability not only to safeguard the main panel but also to integrate three additional large loads of the homeowner's choice, including such things as HVAC, pool heating, or electric vehicle charging. Its user-friendly app prompts homeowners to modify consumption when needed or sell power back to the grid at peak rates. Optimized for efficient installation, the aPower's one-step "roll-and-hang" design is pre-assembled to make an installer's task fast, easy, and reliable. With FranklinWH, the electric main panel doesn't need to be upgraded, which avoids slow and expensive permitting, saving two to three months and up to $5,000 in avoided fees. The aGate's advanced monitoring helps installers pinpoint and resolve failures remotely. Meeting or exceeding all industry certifications, the Franklin Home Power solution is backed by a 12-year warranty — two years more than the industry standard — and a bankability report from DNV.

Other Benefits:

— Improve comfort Home Power uses system integration to exceed expectations from the start. Beyond supporting a home’s main panel, FranklinWH offers a key industry first: The ability to power and control up to three additional large loads, including such things as HVAC, pool heating, and electric vehicle charging. With the capability to scale up to 15 units for a total of 204 kWh, we deliver more to power people’s home and life. — Offer flexibility We play well with everyone in the solar sandbox. Uniquely compatible with any PV inverter technology, aPower can connect easily to existing solar systems without upgrades or customization. — Get smarter FranklinWH uses built-in adaptive learning algorithms for smart storage and maximum home comfort. This technology allows our cloud-based control system to manage the most complex load scenarios, optimizing charge to secure and protect critical appliances while keeping loads safe and balanced. Our smart, user-friendly app alerts homeowners to modify their energy use when needed, or take advantage of time-of-use rates. — Simplify We didn’t just design for the homeowner; we optimized for the installer too. Our one-step “roll-and-hang” design is pre-assembled for fast, easy, and reliable installation. Because aPower does not require upgrades to the solar system’s electrical panel, there’s no need to file for new permits, saving two to three months and up to $5,000 in fees. With FranklinWH, contractors can leverage advanced monitoring to pinpoint and resolve failures remotely, limiting truck rolls and service calls and freeing up time for more profitable opportunities. — Create potential The real key to our innovation is a unique combination of capacity and control. Our system gives homeowners more power to enjoy the extra things they want and the ability to optimize how that power is used. Although some associate “going green” with minimizing energy consumption, with FranklinWH users can power up the AC, heat the pool, and run high-capacity appliances while keeping electrons flowing continuously. And that’s all while cutting their energy bill, taking advantage of time-of-use rates, and selling excess solar production to the local utility.


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