Prestonwood Forest Subdivision - Residential PV + Batt Installation


What You Need to Know


High efficiency HVAC system by Carrier

Other Benefits:

Smart T-Stat/H-Stat

Maintenance Requirements:

Replace expensive (>$100.00 germicidal filter bi-annually) and have HVAC "checked" twice a year (pre-summer and pre-winter) that costs ~$125.00 each visit.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

LED lighting... everywhere. Whole house NG generator.

My Motivation:

health & safety


stay healthy and safe.

Experience with Installer:

I've worked with this company for 30+ years; the do very high quality work and install price reflects that - BUT WE'VE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH THEIR INSTALLED SYSTEMS!

Additional Notes:

Our subdivision has a lot of trees and we do live 55 mi N of the Gulf Coast.

Open House Info:

not at this time.

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