This project changed my life!

What You Need to Know


We installed two Fujitsu 24kbtu ducted inverter heat pumps. For water heating, we installed a SanCO2 heat pump water heater system with two 83-gallon tanks. Additionally, we had Electrify My Home run new circuits for induction ranges to replace our gas ones. Finally, we topped it off with attic insulation to reduce overall energy costs and improve comfort.

Other Benefits:

Our water heater uses CO2 as the refrigerant, which has the lowest global warming potential of all refrigerants. The HVAC system provides excellent air filtration. The cost savings from this whole installation will be huge, helping to pay for our children's future college tuition!

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

New insulation, CO2 refrigerant for water heating, duct system upgrade.

My Motivation:

Going all electric! Environmental and lowering operational costs.


Go with the experts and be aware of low-bid contractors - you get what you pay for!

Experience with Installer:

Electrify My Home is the best contractor I've ever worked with. They kept our home clean, provided regular updates, and made sure we were taken care of every step of the way.

Additional Notes:

Our home was built in 1901, so it goes to show that any home can be electrified if done correctly.


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