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18 panels, each with its own Inverter so if one inverter goes out the remaining continue to generate electricity. The rear of my house faces south so panels do not show and it is the most efficient position for the panels year round.

Other Benefits:

My loan amount for 25 yrs would be less than the cost of the electricity supplied by PPL, I took a 15 yr loan so I pay a little more.

Maintenance Requirements:


Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Roof should last longer since much of it is protected by the weather.

My Motivation:

Global Warming


Do your homework first. I did.

Experience with Installer:

Great installers, superior equipment. Cosmo Solaris was very poor at communicating. No advance warning of arrivals. They would call 30 minutes before arriving. Not even a call the day before. They didn't know the local processes and would tell me they submitted applications. I would call PPL to find out they didn't. I contacted PPL and then told Cosmo how to submit the applications and pay the fees. This actually added 2-3 weeks to the total installation time. They would have completed the job on time if they just called PPL to get instructions. It was very simple. When everything was set, they delivered the equipment and completed the installation in one day.

Additional Notes:

Cosmo's did not try to sell me battery backup because we rarely have power outages. The local township doesn't do anything electronically so I went down and paid the permit. Cosmo wouldn't pay me back until after they received the 2nd half of the loan payment. I don't know why when they already received $14600.

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