Compare quotes from vetted solar installers
Receive quotes online & get honest advice

Compare quotes from vetted solar installers

Receive quotes online & get honest advice

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The sign-up period for the 2017 Mass Solar Connect program is now closed.

If you still have interest in reviewing solar quotes, please feel free to sign up on EnergySage.

Mass Solar Connect helps you compare quotes through the EnergySage Marketplace

The best way to request, receive and compare solar quotes, 100% online

Step 1:
Register your property online and set your preferences
Step 2:
Receive custom online quotes from multiple installers
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Compare quotes with the support of live Solar Advisors

Everyone can afford solar - $0 Down Mass Solar Loan Available!

  • 5.5% maximum rate
  • Moderate income rebates
  • 3-20 year terms
  • Low credit scores accepted

Solar works for all property types

EnergySage's Solar Advisors can answer questions specific to your home

  • Single Family Homeowners

    You probably know that solar is good for the environment, but state and federal incentives can help your roof generate money along with power.

  • Condo Owners

    You can install solar panels even you live in a condominium. The process involves multiple stakeholders and the process is determined by condominium agreements and bylaws.

  • Landlords

    You can enjoy the benefits of solar if you are a landlord or own a multi-family building. Whether you are an onsite or an offsite landlord, there’s a solar option for you.

  • Commercial Property Owners

    Solar works well for businesses, too! Save money by protecting against rising electricity costs and make your expenses more predictable.

Consider taking other clean energy actions

If installing solar panels isn’t right for you, that’s okay – you have other options to explore

  • Green Electricity

    Switch to local renewable energy with the click of a mouse through Mass Energy’s green power program

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  • Community Solar

    Get electricity savings from community solar projects in your area

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  • Electric Vehicles

    Research, test-drive, and buy or lease EVs at big discounts through Drive Green with Mass Energy, a nonprofit program

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  • Smart Home Gadgets & Energy Products

    Everything you need to know when exploring smart energy devices for your home

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  • Home Energy Audit

    Sign up for a no-cost, no-obligation home energy efficiency assessment

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