Why Go Solar Now?

  • Earn attractive returns
  • Hedge against rising energy costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Prices are low, save some money!
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Why EnergySage

EnergySage is your objective partner in navigating the solar shopping process. We bring a network of high-quality installers, who compete for your business and we provide tools and resources to help you along the way.

About EnergySage

Solar Financing Options

Purchase, leasing, PPA–learn all your options for funding your solar project.

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PURE Walgreens
(People Using Resources Efficiently)

PURE Walgreens – focuses on helping communities get, stay and live well through innovative leadership in corporate sustainability. Walgreens programs focus on making Walgreens a leader in resource conservation, carbon emissions reduction and waste diversion.

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Walgreens has partnered with EnergySage to advance its sustainability efforts.

Sun power translates to sun savings with the use of solar panel installations. The process to go solar is simple with EnergySage Marketplace. With a few clicks, our solar Marketplace will get you multiple quotes from high-quality installers in an easy to compare format — to ensure you get the best deal possible. All at no cost to you!

Go Solar in Three Easy Steps with EnergySage

  • Create a property profile
  • Get quotes displayed in apples-to-apples format
  • Choose the best option

Our analysis, tools and resources help guide your decision.

See how EnergySage Marketplace works.

Easy to Setup
Easy to Setup
Compare Quotes
Compare Quotes
Calculate Solar Savings

Walgreens Runs on Solar Power

Walgreens store

Solar panels offer a solution to rising energy costs by using clean, sustainable energy from the sun. On average, rooftop solar power systems provide 15 to 20 percent of the power at specially-equipped Walgreens stores. The company started taking on solar panel projects in 2007, and is now on track to have more than 156 active solar installations across the country in California, Oregon, Ohio, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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Case Study: Beryl Street Residential PV System

Case Study- Beryl Street

J. LaRusso installed solar panels on his house in Roslindale, MA, in November 2011.

Annual Savings
in Annual Savings
Trees planted in a year
Trees planted in a year