Wiser Air® owners go solar and get $300 Cash!

Wiser Air® owners go solar and get $300 Cash!

Increase your energy savings with Wiser Air and Solar

Wiser Air has partnered with EnergySage to offer you an easy way to go solar! By purchasing a Wiser Air thermostat and going solar through EnergySage, you’ll get $300 cash back. Get started today!

EnergySage provides a simple way for homeowners to go solar.

This program will save our customers money and help them use their energy wisely. They can compare quotes online from multiple, pre-screened installers to get the best deal for their home.”

Keren Verch  |  Schneider Electric

How the EnergySage Solar Marketplace Works

The best way to request, receive and compare solar quotes, 100% online.

Step 1:
Register online

Register and complete your property profile

Step 2:
Pre-screened installers submit quotes online

Installers compete for your business

Step 3:
Compare quotes online

Pick the right quote for you and save with solar!

Make the Wiser Choice

Wiser Air is a highly intelligent energy management solution that seamlessly integrates into your home and your devices. Through innovative features like #1 rated Wiser Forecast and Comfort Boost, Wiser Air is a simple way to increase your comfort and take control of your home energy use.

EnergySage was extremely helpful.

The site was very useful in getting me started since there are so many installers and so many choices. The site was easy to navigate and use. My solar advisor provided good unbiased information when I had questions during the process. It was reassuring to me to be able to “bounce my thoughts off of someone” as I proceeded.

Michael Kelly

Newton, MA

Get competing solar quotes online

1. Offer valid through May 1, 2017. To qualify, customers must select a solar installer first introduced to them through EnergySage. Proof of purchase of Wiser Air thermostat required. Must purchase Wiser Air thermostat on or after May 1, 2016 to qualify.