The River Garden Apartments sustainable neighborhood in New Orleans is not only the largest solar project in Louisiana but also the largest solar neighborhood in the Southeastern USA and possible the world!

What You Need to Know


420kW of SolarEdge/ MAGE photovoltaic systems were installed on the roofs of homes in this neighborhood. Consisting of 89 residential apartment units. PV system sizes ranging from 4kW-6kW. This neighborhood,stretching 8 city blocks and ¾ of a square mile, the River Garden Apartments has transformed into a mixed-income development that offers affordable and sustainable housing.

Other Benefits:

The SafeDC™ mechanism of the SolarEdge system guarantees maximum safety for residents, installers, maintenance personnel and firefighters at all times. Residents are expected to save about $50 per month on average in utility costs.

Maintenance Requirements:

The SolarEdge system enables easy and efficient maintenance of the numerous PV arrays provided by the built-in real-time monitoring of the systems’ performance at module level. The system automatically provides web-based alerts on underperforming modules and faults and visually pinpoints affected modules on a virtual site layout map.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

This revitalized community is now able to sustain itself with reliable energy and will be able to stabilize their energy costs for the long term in a clean and sustainable way.

My Motivation:

Completing this project has stabilized energy cost for the residents and has also revitalized this community to a sustainable mixed income neighborhood. This project has shed new light on the neighborhood.


Make sure your equipment manufacturers have a solid reputation and can provide equipment on time. MAGE and Solaredge provided equipment on time and included many bulk purchasing discounts. this is extremely important for a project with a tight budget.

Experience with Installer:

Our team worked through out the weekends and endured countless hours to maintain our projected completion.

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