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With a presence in over 20 countries, SolarEdge is the world’s #1 solar residential manufacturer. In 15 years, we have taken our product line-up to the next level with the market’s most advanced solar+storage solution – a winner of PV Magazine and Green Builder Media awards. With SolarEdge, you can expect up to 7% higher efficiency, up to 10 days of free power every year, and a faster ROI—now, that’s smart. Find out more at
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With over 107 million optimizers and 4.5 million inverters shipped, as well as hundreds of patents under our belt, SolarEdge is the world’s #1 manufacturer of residential and commercial solar inverters. Explore SolarEdge Home today, and see how you can be battery-ready, EV-ready, and future-ready in one award-winning solution:

ALWAYS BE ON with whole home battery backup

DRIVE ON SUNSHINE by connecting our Smart EV Charger

SEE AND SAVE with real-time energy insight

KEEP A FIRM GRIP on your connected smart devices with the mySolarEdge app

MEET TOMORROW'S NEEDS TODAY: add SolarEdge smart devices as needs evolve

Meet all your home energy needs with SolarEdge Home, designed to bring you more convenience and energy independence at less cost, while leaving a smaller carbon footprint.
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Inverter failures

I have had my solar system for less than 5 years. I have had the solaredge inverter replaced under warranty 2 times (so I am on my 3rd inverter), and now need another replacement. The current inverter is less than 2 years old. My installer is now telling me that solaredge no longer covers trip and labor charges so it will cost me over 300.00 for a warranty replacement. Four solaredge inverters in less than 5 years for something they claim last 36 years. Not good.

Posted by grumpy087 on May 26, 2023
So support if there is an issue. BEWARE

I have never been able to get this app to work to monitor my system. The system will never setup on my phone to use the app. It just says there is an error. BEWARE, solar edge will offer not support for this issue. Their website, phone number, and any other support avenue will not work. They are designed to make you never reach the company. UNTIL I get some resolution for this issues I will hit every site with reviews for them until they fix this issue to make sure all future customers are aware.

Posted by ronster1968 on May 23, 2023
SolarEdge, reasonably priced with amazing technology!

Being an installer and using SolarEdge for over 7+ years I can confidently say that Solar Edge has a great product which we stand by. The price is reasonable, the quality has been measured over time with hardly any issues, and if you do have any issues their RMA and service are top-notch! I highly recommend using their inverters if you are on the fence!

Posted by Jross on May 16, 2023
Setapp Is Garbage

This app is extremely inconsistent and troublesome. probably the worst app I've ever utilized. for such a great company it's quite a juxtaposition.

Posted by allens on May 11, 2023
New age of Solar inverters

I have been a solar installer for 15 years. There was a time not too long ago when the solar industry only had a few options for inverters. String inverters required a great deal of planning on orientation, shading and panel placement to get the most out of your PV system. I was greatly impressed with SolarEdge when they launched because of their versatility in string design and overall ease of installation. I have been a loyal SolarEdge installer since the birth of SolarEdge technology and I will continue to use them for many years. They are competitive in the market for battery technology and electric vehicle technology. The monitoring platform is easy for both installers and the end customer, and gives a great deal of information about your solar system as well as home consumption. I am excited to see what more they can bring to the "Energy Table". I am currently installing a SolarEdge Home Hub and energy bank battery on my own mothers house. I trust the equipment and I also trust the technical support provided by SolarEdge.

Posted by jflorence on May 11, 2023
Poor service, avoid at all costs.

Large System was installed Oct. 2021 and consumption monitor has never worked. Two tickets were opened on the issue which remains unresolved 1.6 years later. Solar Edge Company has not responded EVER.

Posted by tonino517 on Apr 30, 2023
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