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SolarEdge Technologies - Profile & Reviews

SolarEdge is the industry’s #1 provider of solar inverters for homes, with over 1.5M installs worldwide. Explore our most versatile solution, SolarEdge Energy Hub with Prism technology, and learn how you can be battery-ready, EV-ready, and future-ready in one award-winning, smart solution:

ALWAYS BE ON with whole home battery backup

DRIVE ON SUNSHINE by connecting our Smart EV Charger

SEE AND SAVE with real-time energy insight

KEEP A FIRM GRIP on your connected smart devices with the mySolarEdge app

MEET TOMORROW'S NEEDS TODAY: add SolarEdge smart devices as needs evolve

Meet all your home energy needs with SolarEdge Energy Hub, designed to bring you more convenience and energy independence at less cost, while leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

47 reviews

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  • "worked 3 years then poof!"

    Reviewed Jul 02, 2022
    Updated Jul 02, 2022

    I was sold on fitting optimizers and a new Solar Edge inverter to replace my Sunny Boy string installation when I had to take down the solar panels for a roof repair. It seemed to work fine then in June, after about 3 years, it just quit with multiple optimizer failures. I'm waiting for warranty replacement but know that the installation work isn't covered. That will wipe out any income from the panels. I don't like that the access to monitoring and installation information is all closely held by the company and accessible only through installer. Checking internet reviews it appears that Solar Edge has an unacceptable failure rate considering that a solar installation is expensive to install and expected to just work year after year. Now, I wish I'd done my homework and 1. Used micro-inverters instead of Optimizers and Central inverter 2. Made sure the roof was good for 50 years! 3. Just kept my string system- it had lower output but ran without trouble for 20 years.

  • "Not happy at all"

    Reviewed Jun 29, 2022

    Supposed to monitor the system ended up calling in after 9 days. Now doesn’t want to uphold the 25 year warranty. Do not recommend. Coming from a disabled veteran. Not a problem solution oriented company.

  • "Getting better."

    Reviewed Jun 07, 2022
    Updated Jun 29, 2022

    SolarEdge has honored many warranties for my clients and has resolved some cases that left clients without power for months. They are sincerely trying to take care of their clients however are having supply chain delays due to overseas shipping.

    Charlotte Harris
    Response from SolarEdge Technologies
    Responded Jun 09, 2022
    Response from SolarEdge Technologies
    Responded Jun 09, 2022

    Dear Jesse, please allow us to make this right. A SolarEdge rep will be contacting you to discuss how to best address your concerns. We sincerely apologize for any frustrations this experience has caused.

    SolarEdge Customer Success

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Why Choose SolarEdgeEnergy Hub

With over 1.5M home installations around the world, no one has more experience. As the most trusted provider, SolarEdge has taken its combined, global expertise from over the last 15 years and infused it with the market’s most advanced solar+storage solution – and winner of both PV Magazine and Green Builder Media awards. By going with a flexible home solution, such as SolarEdge Energy Hub, you can expect more smart energy possibilities, without having to sacrifice one for the other. Finally, with SolarEdge you can also expect up to 25% better system efficiency, which means more ROI, faster.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



SolarEdge Technologies Headquarters

47505 Seabridge Dr
Fremont, CA
94538 United States


ISO 9001 2008
Certified EMS
Certified QMS

States served by SolarEdge Technologies

  • Alabama AL ,
  • Alaska AK ,
  • Arizona AZ ,
  • Arkansas AR ,
  • California CA ,
  • Colorado CO ,
  • Connecticut CT ,
  • Delaware DE ,
  • District of Columbia DC ,
  • Florida FL ,
  • Georgia GA ,
  • Hawaii HI ,
  • Idaho ID ,
  • Illinois IL ,
  • Indiana IN ,
  • Iowa IA ,
  • Kansas KS ,
  • Kentucky KY ,
  • Louisiana LA ,
  • Maine ME ,
  • Maryland MD ,
  • Massachusetts MA ,
  • Michigan MI ,
  • Minnesota MN ,
  • Mississippi MS ,
  • Missouri MO ,
  • Montana MT ,
  • Nebraska NE ,
  • Nevada NV ,
  • New Hampshire NH ,
  • New Jersey NJ ,
  • New Mexico NM ,
  • New York NY ,
  • North Carolina NC ,
  • North Dakota ND ,
  • Ohio OH ,
  • Oklahoma OK ,
  • Oregon OR ,
  • Pennsylvania PA ,
  • Rhode Island RI ,
  • South Carolina SC ,
  • South Dakota SD ,
  • Tennessee TN ,
  • Texas TX ,
  • Utah UT ,
  • Vermont VT ,
  • Virginia VA ,
  • Washington WA ,
  • West Virginia WV ,
  • Wisconsin WI ,
  • Wyoming WY ,
  • Puerto Rico PR