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With a presence in over 20 countries, SolarEdge is the world’s #1 solar residential manufacturer. In 15 years, we have taken our product line-up to the next level with the market’s most advanced solar+storage solution – a winner of PV Magazine and Green Builder Media awards. With SolarEdge, you can expect up to 7% higher efficiency, up to 10 days of free power every year, and a faster ROI—now, that’s smart. Find out more at
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With over 107 million optimizers and 4.5 million inverters shipped, as well as hundreds of patents under our belt, SolarEdge is the world’s #1 manufacturer of residential and commercial solar inverters. Explore SolarEdge Home today, and see how you can be battery-ready, EV-ready, and future-ready in one award-winning solution:

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Meet all your home energy needs with SolarEdge Home, designed to bring you more convenience and energy independence at less cost, while leaving a smaller carbon footprint.
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Not a reliable product

My solar system was installed in January 2024 and commissioned in February. At first, the inverter worked according to specifications but soon anfter issues arose. The inverter would go offline requiring a service call. The technician would come out and reset the system while conferring with tech support. The latest incident occurred this past Wednesday, May 8 when the system briefly came online and then suddenly crashed. Upon inspection, the tech discovered that both fuses in the disconnect box have blown. The fuses were replaced and the tech attempted to reset the system; unfortunately, the inverter could not find the solar panels. After conferring with Tech Support an incident report was created. Tech Support confirmed that a power surge resulted in the crash of the my system but currently my system is non-operational. The solar tech requested an RMA to replace the inverter, but Solaredge thus far has been less than cooperative. The solar company decided to replace the inverter with a new one as soon as it arrives. If first impressions are valid, Solaredge must work diligently to regain my trust in their products.

Posted by jacklg1 on May 10, 2024
SolarEdge has not Paid PEP Solar for Truck Rolls

SolarEdge continuously uses a rubics cube type of process to find a way to NOT pay for truck rolls. You have owed us over $15,000+ in truck roll fees over 12 months. Your operations team continuously ghosts us when we try to contact them. We want to be paid - PEP Solar Sean Whitmer - OWNER

Posted by sm on May 09, 2024
You need Sam Ledesma-Garcia

I am an owner installer and installed a 11400 Solar edge inverter and 30 p401 optimizers on 30 365 watt panels in 3 strings. I could not get into the monitoring platform to set up the system but after several messages and attempts to resolve the problem Sam called me and explained that I needed to be an installer to access the system and he walked me through the process and the system is up and running now. Thank you Sam

Posted by messnerrv on May 06, 2024
Don't buy save your money ...

Were do I start horrible customer service, and product is just trush.. an someone please explain to me how you go from roof to power line help when nothing but screw from panels touches home, well an a look out for a lawyer to get out of this bs. An ya don't fall from this scam.

Posted by cristianorona.50 on Apr 30, 2024
Terrible Customer Service on Replacement

Solaredge took my system inverter offline 1 month ago because it was failing after 6 years. The website says they shipped my RMA but gave me no tracking number or address where they sent it. Of course no human or chat can answer the phone to tell me anything. With 1 months of lost revenue (via energy to the PG&E Grid) and unable to get any information I guess the next thing is to see them in Small Claims Court.

Posted by vaughn on Apr 30, 2024
Terrible company

I wish I was aware of all the bad reviews for this company. My system solar communication was discontinued by the network carrier, for 2 months. Meaning that my solar panels was not communicating to my electricity account. I was paying extremely high electricity bills, they do not refund me. As of now I'm still waiting for my new cellkit.

Posted by natsdallago on Apr 29, 2024
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