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Enphase Microinverters, Web presence, Rare combination of generator backup, Locus utility grade meter for SREC logging, Production exceeds the need by 15%, Tankless hot water based on HTP boiler (Made in MA!)

What You Need to Know


Recently we have added a whole house generator to provide backup power. This makes the system quite unique as not too many folks have all three in one place. It is required to isolate PV system under outage conditions. To do this using standard Transfer Switch and yet meet the electric code, without violating Warranty was the tricky part

Other Benefits:

Enphase gives you on line per module monitoring. Very helpfull!

Maintenance Requirements:

None so far.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Radiant Heat, Tankless Hot water, 8 zones for heat, 3 separate A/C units for air conditioning.

My Motivation:



Do you homework. Talk to folks who have PV. They all love to share their experience. Ask them what they could do differently if they were to start all over.

Experience with Installer:

Simply great!

Open House Info:

Come on down. Ring the bell, if we open the door, the house is open house!

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